Feedburner in SEOFeedburner is a non-negotiable online service provide by the Google for SEO and it is the most favorite web feed management system on the internet. It is an automatic mailing system that sent mails of our bolgs update to our subscribers. These updates are sent through the RSS feed reader and through mail. Feedburner provides us with customized tools to our feed.

How The Feedburner Helps in SEO ?.

The Feedburner is a useful tool for the person in SEO career. It can provide the statistics of our feed and subscribers and it includes the details of subscribers like the number of subscribers, where are they coming from, etc. So it will be very helpful in SEO, as long as if the number of visits is too less and nobody subscribe to our blogs and website, then we can make a conclusion that our content is too bad and we have to change it as soon as possible. Hence the Feedburner in SEO is very important like Google Analytics in SEO.

Benefits of Feedburner

  • Active email alerts each time when the new posts are published.
  • It deliver the updates to our repeat viewers and raises the trust of blog.
  • This service is completely free and easy to do.
  • It allows us to know the details of our subscribers.
  • Easy to install the email subscription widget.
  • The email data base available in subscribes list can be utilized for re marketing purpose.