Influences of Social Media Networks in SEONow days the influences of social media networks in SEO is very high. Before a few years the link building mechanism contributed a high ranks in Google’s search factor. This mechanism was based upon the number of backlinks achieved by a website from other websites. The process of over link building results into a spamming situation named link spamming. Link spamming or spam link building, a black hat SEO technique was detected by Google’s search engine quality team. In order to control the manipulation in search results by unethical link building practice, Google rolled out a number of updations in their search engine algorithm. By a strict updation named Google Penguin, introduced in 2011, a good percentage of less quality websites were demoted from Google’s SERP. Even Google was able to remove many websites listed using unethical link building practices, Google continued their algorithm changes with different versions of Penguin. Rather of this Google had given another opportunity to professionals who all were looking for a SEO ranking for their projects with improved recording of user responses, interactions etc. The SEO ranking points were included with social media signals like responses, presence, discussions generated in social media websites like LinkedIn, twitter, facebook, Google plus etc. which can’t be misused by anyone as making backlinks. By using social media signals, a marketing professional can easily perform in their projects and achieve maximum goals in their SEO career. Same time website pages can be modified in a way to generate maximum interaction mixed with the basic and general SEO practices.

How Social Media can be Utilized in SEO

As we know the Social Media is a part of the human life, so the influences of Social Media can be utilized in SEO. The Google will give the higher ranks to the websites, if it has the higher trust value. The trust value can be increased by Social Media Networks through the visits they are getting from the users. Now a days we can increase more visits through the Social Medias than any other resources. We can share each and every post to Social Media Networks and the public will see the posts on their Social Media accounts. The features like hash tagging, open graph optimization practices can increase more social media visibility & interactions to the posts and shares. If we posted about a valuable subject and make sure the content quality is good, then definitely we will get a visit from them. By the usage of Feedburner we can utilize blog subscription choices and get permanent readers as subscribers.   By using Google Analytics we can easily track our visitors, their nature of visits, traffic source, user activities etc. By reading my blog post on Importance of Google Analytics in SEO, you can grab more info on Google analytics and its usages.